About Us

Our Support

Sirocco Marine does things a little differently. In keeping with the high quality brands that we represent, our customer service and after-sales support is what sets us apart and makes us the best in inflatable boats. We have repeat clients over many years, and across different models. Our clients are people from all walks of life who are happy to refer to their friends.

Our Reach

Sirocco Marine originated as an Australia-wide dealer network; client-focused service is what we’re now renowned for. The network has now expanded into the USA with the opening of Sirocco dealerships in Fort Lauderdale and Annapolis. In the next two to three years we will open a further five to six dealerships in prime locations across the US.

Our Brand

BRIG is Europe’s leading brand and the worlds largest producer of Rigid Inflatable Boats. A team of ex-military aeronautical engineers design and built the BRIG boats in Ukraine. They have applied the same exacting military standards, cutting-edge technology, and demand for premium quality materials to building RIBs. The company has painstakingly perfected manufacturing processes for precision assembly with the neater fit and finish, boat after boat. Not only are they the European leader in quality, but they’re also the sales leader in inflatable boats.

Top brands attract a discerning clientele who demand top support. Sirocco has a network of dealers spanning the east coast, from FL to MD, each with a dedication to client service and a shared passion for these brands.

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