Eagle Series

Style and Performance on the Water

Stunning. Powerful. Safe. Luxurious. With an uncompromising viewpoint, BRIG has accomplished what many mariners have long dreamed of — a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) that’s not only engineered for performance but also designed for elegance. At Sirocco Marine, we’re excited to offer BRIG luxury RIB boats for sale, providing you and your family with a touring vessel that’s the perfect platform for all your adventures.

European Quality

Experience more than two decades of European craftsmanship aboard one of BRIG’s several high-end RIB boats, such as a model from the BRIG Eagle series. Cruise from yacht to port with exceptional ease and comfort with premium-quality Hypalon ORCA® fabric seating and optimum shock absorbency. Spend the day exploring the town, from visiting local shops to dining at must-see eateries.

Return to the water for an afternoon of relaxation. Use your removable table to play card games with your kids. Read your latest book under the warmth of the sun and shade of your bimini. Or, rest your eyes and listen to the sounds of the water and wildlife. No matter your ideal day, your luxury RIB boat will provide you with comfort that’s always handcrafted in Europe.

Refined Performance

Discover the power and performance behind your luxury rigid inflatable boat, which comes from the minds of former military aeronautical engineers who love to push the boundaries. See what your RIB can offer by speeding across the water and executing crisp turns that highlight the maneuverability of your high-end RIB boat. Or, take a backseat by wakeboarding or waterskiing while a trusted friend or yacht crew member takes the wheel.

With several safety features, including the absence of tipping risks, BRIG RIBs entice you to embrace your inner daredevil. Plus, all our BRIG luxury RIB boats for sale are unsinkable, giving you the confidence that your boat will keep everyone safe. Aside from safety, BRIG produces boats with excellent fuel efficiency, letting you play longer.

Luxury Looks

Revel in the beauty of your luxury RIB boat — wherever you go, and whatever you do. Traverse the coastline, looking for hidden gems of beaches, lagoons and coves as the rising or setting sun gleams off the stunning coat of your RIB. You might also want to anchor your high-end RIB boat in the open water before backrolling in to begin exploring the depths of your local or tropical retreat. No matter what you do, your RIB will shine, showcasing its enviable looks and sleek lines.

Make Your Adventures Luxurious With Sirocco Marine

For years, luxury rigid inflatable boats served as a desert oasis to mariners, an impossible possibility. The charismatic, yet uncompromising approach of BRIG, however, led to a stunning design that provides equal footing to safety and performance, resulting in one of the best luxury RIBs. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer the in-demand vessel, as well as guide and support you before and after you hit the water with your RIB.

Discover the exhilaration of BRIG by browsing our luxury RIB boats for sale today, or contact us for more information!