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Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Who do you want to go with you? The possibilities are limitless aboard a BRIG RIB. With superior European craftsmanship, exceptional safety and unmatched performance, BRIG is the trusted name for rigid inflatable boats (RIBs). At Sirocco Marine, we’ll help you go the distance with your family and friends with our selection of BRIG RIB boats for sale, which includes expansive sizes to accommodate everyone in your social circle.

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Dive. Ski. Board.

The water is your playground with RIBs. Slip on your swimsuit, sandals and sunglasses, and take your family and friends for an exciting weekend getaway to your favorite locale. Swim in the crystal clear waters of your tropical retreat. Go beneath the surface and scuba dive among reefs and schools of fish, or tow your kids on a wakeboard.

With a design that’s unsinkable and free of tipping risks, our BRIG RIBs provide the safety you demand when embracing all the thrills the water has to offer. Plus, the addition of select options on our large inflatable boats for sale, like a shower, bimini and stainless steel ladder, make your adventures that much more convenient.

Travel. Shop. Dine.

The thrill. The excitement. The anticipation. That never goes away with BRIG. Whether you’re cruising from your yacht to a nearby port for some shopping or zooming from your home harbor to the next island over for some afternoon dining, you’ll always feel your heart racing as you turn up the throttle and scoot across the water on your BRIG Eagle or BRIG Navigator RIB.

With an unmatched level of shock absorbency, as well as seating for up to 10 riders, our large RIB boats for sale ensure everyone experiences a smooth and dry ride. The fact that RIBs offer seamless parking and zero damage when tendering are other advantages you can’t overlook when browsing large rigid inflatable boats for sale. There is also the competitive fuel efficiency of BRIG, which lets you go the extra mile and embrace the never-ending horizon.

Explore. Uncover. Discover.

The allure of the water entices you to go out every day. A BRIG RIB lets you. Cruise the coastline, looking for coves and lagoons that invite you to explore. Set the course for secluded beaches to relax and picnic with friends and family. Look for overlooks and rock formations that capture your photographer’s eye and demand a second look.

With a RIB, the adventure is yours to make. Our BRIG large inflatable boats for sale only make the journey better. With comfortable Hypalon ORCA® fabric seating, BRIG ensures a relaxing ride for you and your passengers. The competitive cost and premium design of BRIG RIBs also make it feasible for you and your boating friends to make a weekend of exploring.

Choose Your Adventure With Sirocco Marine

The freedom of the open water is unparalleled. Everything, from where you go to what you do, is in your hands — and BRIG expands on that freedom. Their RIBs push the boundaries of performance, safety and quality, defining a new standard for each. At Sirocco Marine, we do the same. Our client-focused approach provides you with continuous support, from browsing very large RIB boats for sale to maintaining your family’s RIBs.

Get ready for your next adventure by exploring our large RIB boats for sale today or contacting us for immediate assistance!