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It’s a rush, clipping across the water at speeds that make the wind rush against your face and your heart skip with adrenaline. There is only one company that delivers on your expectations — BRIG, the world’s leader in rigid inflatable boats (RIBs). With a drive to push the boundaries of performance, without compromising safety or quality, the new lightweight inflatable boats by BRIG at Sirocco Marine redefine what it means to go boating.

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Let Nothing Hold You Back With Sirocco Marine

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Adventure Wherever, Whenever

Swimming. Diving. Waterskiing. The possibilities are endless when you’re out in the open water aboard your lightweight RIB boat, like a model from the BRIG Navigator series, with your family and friends. No matter where you’re cruising, whether it’s your local area or your go-to vacation spot, you can guarantee you’ll discover adventure beneath the surface and above the water.

No matter your model, every BRIG RIB provides maximum safety to you and your riders. The new lightweight inflatable boats, which BRIG handcrafts in Europe, are unsinkable. They also offer an unparalleled level of shock absorbency, providing a smooth experience that leaves you dry and exhilarated. If you’re taking dips into the water, you can always add a shower kit to rinse off afterward and a stainless steel ladder to board easier.

Turn Getaways Into Experiences

No matter where you’re headed, from your local haunt to your international retreat, your lightweight RIB boat will make the trip an experience. Tender your RIB to your yacht and go, and when you arrive, unload your RIB and hit the water without hesitation. Zoom into the open sea, toward the horizon or coast along the shoreline to a secluded beach. Or, launch and head to the nearest port to mix with other boating enthusiasts, sample all the local delicacies and explore the local shops.

With BRIG, you’ll make the most of your getaway. Many of the new lightweight inflatable boat models, like the BRIG Eagle series, offer ample storage via lockers for your family and friend’s shopping bags and purses, as well as comfortable Hypalon ORCA® fabric seating and cushions that make any trip — no matter how long — relaxing and enjoyable. And if you’re opting to dine onboard, convenient and quality tables are also available with select models.

Get a New Kind of Adrenaline Rush

The pull of the water is undeniable, encouraging you to explore and discover the unknown. Do it. Go with your friends and family to new places and make discoveries. Whether it’s a sparkling lagoon hidden between steeples of rock or a stunning beach with warm sand and zero tourists, you can find a retreat that’s hidden away and lets you laugh and relax with your favorite people.

Like you, BRIG believes in innovating, rather than compromising. That’s why its lightweight RIB boats, like the BRIG Falcon Tender series, feature some of the most advanced technologies available, leading to exceptional fuel efficiency, so you can stay out until sunset. They also provide zero tipping hazards so that you can test the maneuverability of your RIB without worry, only exhilaration.

Let Nothing Hold You Back With Sirocco Marine

Whether you’re boating every second you can or every other weekend, BRIG delivers a set of lightweight rigid inflatable boats that offer safety, performance and quality for you and your passengers. At Sirocco Marine, we complement the selection of BRIG with comprehensive client support, assisting you before and after you add a new lightweight inflatable boat to your fleet.

Plan your escape for the summer by diving into our selection of lightweight RIB boats for sale and contacting us for more information!