Our Newest RIB Models

A New RHIB Boat for Brand-New Journeys

The smell. The breeze. The thrill. When you’re behind the wheel of a brand-new vessel, nothing compares to that moment — and nothing compares to a BRIG rigid inflatable boat (RIB). With decades of experience, BRIG has become the industry leader in luxury, performance-proven RIBs that offer safety and excitement. At Sirocco Marine, we’re thrilled to offer their new RIB boats for sale, including the NavigatorEagle and Falcon series.

Push the Boundaries

With power and performance come endless possibilities. Find adventure in the open water. Grab your scuba gear and backroll into the calm waters, exploring with your family and friends. Hook up your wakeboard and water skis and give your friends a rush of adrenaline as you cruise across the water at your favorite weekend retreat. Or, participate in a friendly or professional race to test your new rigid inflatable boat’s speed, maneuverability and power.

The impressive, adrenaline-inducing performance of BRIG RIBs originates from a renowned team of former military aeronautical engineers. Like you, they push the boundaries by discovering new ways to create a one-of-a-kind experience on the water. That’s why BRIG boasts industry-leading shock absorbency and a level of fuel efficiency that lets you play all day, every day.

Experience Uncompromised Quality

With the exhilaration of scuba diving, wakeboarding, racing and waterskiing, everyone needs a moment to catch their breath. Let yourself relax. Go to your local port, and explore the city with your family or friends. Pop into local shops for some retail therapy. Visit a few historical sites. Grab a meal to-go from your favorite eatery. When you’re back aboard your new rigid inflatable boat, you can dine in comfort, peruse your purchases in relaxation or share the latest pictures from your getaway across social media.

The lifestyle of BRIG is quality, which is why they handcraft all their RIBs at their cutting-edge location in Europe, and that’s where the magic happens. From producing comfortable seating with Hypalon ORCA® fabric to installing convenient storage lockers to designing attractive, high-end steering consoles that embody luxury. BRIG does it all, providing you with a competitive price for premium-quality new RIB boats.

Revel in Superior Craftsmanship

With unparalleled artistry and advanced technology, your BRIG RIB becomes a retreat. Let it take you to new places and guide you to new adventures, as well as help you make brand-new memories with your closest confidantes and favorite family members. Uncover the hidden beaches and lagoons or quiet diving areas that let you explore uninhibited.

The superior craftsmanship of BRIG results in a selection of new inflatable boats for sale that are unsinkable, as well as free of tipping risks. Some RIBs, like the BRIG Falcon series, are also the perfect tender for your yacht with their fiberglass hall, which prevents damage to your cruiser. All BRIG models provide you with a vessel that’s seamless to park as well, letting you move onto your next adventure with minimal delay.

Embrace the Open Water and Go With Sirocco Marine

Give your sense of adventure and your drive for exploration the vessel it needs with a brand-new BRIG RIB. The company’s reputation and extensive record for safe and robust RIBs, with a luxury quality and competitive price, make them a craft that’s trusted by mariners of all interests. Whether you’re looking for a weekend away RIB or a vessel to complement your yachting lifestyle, the newest BRIG RIBs will deliver, alongside the full personalized service of Sirocco Marine.

Explore our new RIB boats for sale today, and contact us to learn more about hitting the water with BRIG.