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Safe. Thrilling. Versatile. That’s how you know it’s a BRIG. Whether you’re zooming across the coastline with family, clipping across the water on a wakeboard with friends or diving into the deep with your scuba diving mates, rigid inflatable boats deliver an experience worth remembering. And with the expertise, technology, and quality of BRIG, you can count on making memories for years to come.

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Make Quick Trips

Give your weekend cruising an upgrade with the addition of a tender to your yacht. Anchor off the coast of your favorite location, and make for the shoreline with a few of your friends or your family on your compact RIB. Explore the local sights, from museums to natural wonders, and dine at go-to eateries, bakeries and restaurants before heading back to your BRIG RIB.

BRIG ensures their small inflatable boats offer superior shock absorbency to provide you and your riders with a smooth, dry ride that lets you focus on the experience. Plus, they’re convenient to park, so you can grab your bags and go after arriving at your destination, making the most of your weekend away.

Cruise the Coastline

Feel the breeze and the sun on your skin, and take in the smell of the fresh water when you’re cruising the coastline with your dinghy. With your under-10-foot RIB boat, you get a front seat to the sunrise and sunset, as well as a peek at local wildlife and flora. Whether you’re traveling solo or coasting with some friends and family, you can go the distance with the fuel efficiency and comfort of a compact BRIG RIB, which includes the BRIG Falcon Tender 300 Series and BRIG Dingo Foldable Series.

Visit Hidden Sites

Discover your inner adventurer with excursions to hidden sites, like secluded beaches and coves, and relax. With your private area, you can do anything. Swim in the turquoise water, read beneath a shady overhang, picnic with your friends or photograph the sites to share later. If you’re planning a get-together at your favorite retreat, the competitive price of our 10-foot RIB boats for sale makes it more than feasible to purchase several tenders to transport your guests.

Teach the Kids

Turn your love of boating into not just a hobby, but also a tradition. With their compact size, small inflatable boats are ideal for teaching your kids, cousins and friends how to captain a dinghy. Plus, they’re unsinkable and pose zero tipping risks, which emphasizes the 360-degree safety of BRIG RIBs. And when your teen parks your under-10-foot RIB boat, there are no worries about damage to your yacht because of the fiberglass hull.

Head for the Open Water With Sirocco Marine

Excitement. Enjoyment. Engagement. That’s what brought you to the water, and a BRIG RIB lets you experience the thrill of boating all over again. Whether you’re searching for a compact inflatable RIB or small RIB dinghy for sale for solo or group travel, we have a premium-quality BRIG RIB that matches your needs. With our client-focused approach, you can also trust our team to guide you to the best small inflatable boat for you.

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