Locating your BRIG’s USCG Plate and Deciphering the HIN Number

With your BRIG rigid inflatable boat, you may find yourself needing a replacement part for your boat, or just wanting to be extra prepared and have a spare for that long voyage you’ve been planning. In either case, you head on over to and realize you don’t know what model BRIG you have. Fortunately, there is a fast and easy solution to this dilemma. On all BRIG boats you can find the model number on the capacity plate plaque located on the port side of the boat, either right below or behind the rear seat. On this plaque you can find the model of the boat (either an Eagle Series, Falcon Series, or Navigator Series) along with the Coast Guard rated maximum capacities and specifications.

USCG Maximum Capacities Plate


However, in some circumstances you may need a little more information than just the model type. For example, you may need the year model to determine which parts are compatible or better yet what material your boat is made of. Luckily, all this information can be pulled from the hull identification number. On all BRIG RIBs the HIN plate is located on the starboard side of the transom.                 

HIN Number Plate Explained

So, based on the HIN number to the left, you can determine the following information:

UA = Ukraine


47847 = Hull production and/or serial number

E= May

8 = Built in 2018

19 = Model year 2019


Knowing that this is a 2019 model year boat will help determine which parts are compatible with your BRIG. In addition, it will help you determine if your boat is PVC or Hypalon. As a rule of thumb, all BRIG RIBs made from Hypalon are constructed with the ORCA brand fabric from Pennel factories in Europe. All boats in the Eagle and Navigator lineup imported into the United States are Hypalon. Similarly, ALL BRIG boats imported into the United States in the year 2017 and thereafter are made from Hypalon. If you have a Falcon series boat, and it is a 2016-year model or older, chances are it is made from PVC. However, it is possible your 2016 or older Falcon RIB is made from Hypalon in which case you can determine the material by performing several different types of tests.