Falcon 300HT

Falcon 300HT

Falcon 300HT

Take Adventure on the Water to a Whole New Level

The advanced Falcon Tender Series from BRIG USA emphasizes the “recreation” aspect of recreational boating — and our spry, nimble 9ft inflatable boat is a perfect example. We’ve redesigned the Falcon 300HT to include a host of innovative features that will make spending a day or weekend on the water more enjoyable than ever.

Designed to transport up to four passengers in comfort, this small tender boat is perfect for adventure seekers or family excursions. Whether you’re looking to explore, entertain or just unwind after a stressful week at the office, the Falcon 330HT allows you to get away from it all — and have a fantastic time you’ll want to repeat again and again.

You’ll also appreciate the Falcon 300’s eye-catching style. The exterior scheme features contrasting colors that make the vessel stand out. The beautiful Silvertex fabric on the seats will draw rave reviews from your passengers. While the Falcon 300 may not be the biggest boat on the water, it will surely attract the most attention.

Length 9'6"
Width 5' 5"
Empty Boat Weight (lbs) 144 lbs
Persons 4
Max HP 20
Falcon 300HT

Additional information


  • Length 9’6"
  • Width 5’5"
  • Inside measures 6’6" x 2’7"
  • Tube diameter (ft) 1’4"
  • No. of Chambers 3
  • No. of Persons 4
  • Empty Boat Weight (lbs) 144
  • Wet Weight (lbs) 413
  • Maximum payload 1107
  • Recomended power (HP) 20
  • Maximum power (HP) 20
  • Design category C


  • Medium V rigid hull
  • Antiskid deck surface
  • Hard tube end with two antiskid steps on each
  • Front step plate with navigation lights
  • One-way drain system
  • Tough raised rubbing strake
  • Three towing bow rings
  • Four built-in davit lifting points
  • Safety handles & carrying handles
  • Foot pump
  • Tube repair kit
  • Accessories bag
  • Owner’s manual


  • Overall cover
  • Lifting slings
  • Steering console
  • Steering system
  • Seat with stowage
  • Hypalon ORCA Fabric


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“Absolutely LOVE this Boat! A great social platform for a large family, for a large group of friends, or if you want to impress your business partners. Love it! Just love it! Great work guys!”

— Thumbs up from the Norwegian Test Pilot Team